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Are You or Someone you care about Stressed Out,
Anxious or Overwhelmed?
Finding a Habit or Addiction hard to break

Tools to Help with Your Wellness Recovery Journey

How Life Recovery Program Works


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Proven Coping & Skill building exercises

Resilience building exercises and strategies reinforce new behaviour patterns. Your support forum helps you gain and maintain your momentum.

Watch life changing videos as often as you like

More accessible than a weekly therapy session, you get to review discussions as often as needed so that you can develop new behaviours and optimal coping skills.

Pick the program that suits your situation

Customized to your personal preferences and needs, the program will be delivered to you on a timeline that suits your life.

Life Recovery Program is your 24/7 Portable Wellness Coach

The program is easy to use and comprehensive. It covers the many reasons why people seek counselling. It helps you take back control of your behaviour, emotions – your life

Life Recovery Program Helps You

Many Ways to Learn Healthier Coping in Your Own Time

Feedback Tools

Informative Videos

Self-Guided Exercises

Peer Discussion Group

Supportive Notifications

Mindfulness Resources & More

More than Addictions, More than Mental Health

Did you know that 1 in 5 of us will have a mental health/addiction issue within the next 12 months, and only 1/3 of those who need help, get help and most wait 6-23 years before doing so?

An addiction is anything that creates a compulsive behavior pattern that is beyond your current ability to control that has a negative impact on your life. Our process is designed to help you understand how all addictions work, so you can work on your addiction and healthier coping.

We've helped people with challenges ranging from stress, anxiety, food, pain killers, porn, relationships, substances, gaming, self-esteem, alcohol, nicotine and other unhealthy habits.

Fits Your Lifestyle & Your Schedule

The program lets you access support whenever you need it, anywhere, anytime, on any device, 24/7. No need to wait you can start receiving the help you need – today.

Private & Confidential

Your access is not shared with your employer, or anyone else and you don't have to visit a public location to get help. This self-directed video program helps you overcome stress, relationship issues, anxiety, addiction, depression, self-esteem and more in a completely confidential way.

Unlimited Access

Your program gives you full access to evidenced-based resources and guidance through videos, e-books, emails, member forum and more for up to one full year. You can review the material as often as needed. Choose healthy coping! Sign up today!

We've helped Thousands of people and families feel better,
see how they have felt

What People Say

80% Improved Coping with Award Winning Program at Your Fingertips

Participated in Canadian Institute of Health Research/McMaster University research study.

The research focused on the effectiveness of self-directed online modalities such as Life Recovery Program.

Evidence revealed that programs such as Life Recovery Program are equal or comparable to face to face interventions.

Life Recovery Program Outcome Study: 80% reported reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping.

Life Recovery Program is effective.

The Canadian Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) included Life Recovery Program in their textbook in a chapter called "Digital Future" as the example of an effective self-directed program.


Privacy & Security

We maintain your personal information in a number of ways.

1.  We minimize the amount of data we collect. The only data we collect about you is your email address, and it's ok to use an anonymous one.
2.  All of your data is encrypted and stored in secure data centers. No identifiable information is ever shared. We track engagement data to measure program effectiveness at an aggregate level.
3.  No identifiable information is ever shared. We track engagement data to measure program effectiveness at an aggregate level.
4.  No program is installed on your computer or device. If you'd like to keep your sessions private on a shared PC we recommend that you use a browser in private mode.
5.  If you have an employer code, or a code from your EAP or your Insurance company that code is not connected to you personally, it's connected to the organization it originated from.

LRP Pricing

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Best Price
Choose The Program That's Best For You: Introductory Program™
(1 month unlimited access)
The Foundation Program™
(6 months unlimited access)
Advanced Full Program™
(12 months unlimited access)
One time payment $79 USD $379 USD $679 USD
Easy Monthly Installments N/A $129 USD $129 USD
Video Course 2 Module(s) 7 Module(s) 13 Module(s)
Bonus Module  
Peer Support Forum 1 Month Unlimited Access 6 Month Unlimited Access 12 Month Unlimited Access
Weekly Supportive Emails 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Certificate of Completion    
Monthly Follow-up Emails   3 Months 6 Months
Audio Downloads 1 Month 6 Month 12 Months
Freedon From Stress Ebook
Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Ebook  
Trauma and Addiction Ebook  
Overcoming Anxiety Teleseminar    
Overcoming Trauma Teleseminar    
Frozen in Time - Is Your Past Hurting Your Present?    
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