Addiction recovery program cares more about people than profits, providing a "pay what you can" option for January 2009

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Article Longwoods Health and Healthcare News - December 22, 2008
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"pay what you can" option for January 2009

December 22, 2008

Just announced: in a devoted effort to help those in need during this harsh economic climate, Paul Radkowski, CEO and program creator of the Life Recovery Program ( ) makes a radical decision to put people before profits for the entire month of January 2009.

With this first time ever "pay-what-you-can" option for online recovery support - The Life Recovery Program hopes to have a positive impact on persons who are suffering from severe stress, addiction or depression issues, (ranging from alcohol and drugs to over eating, gambling and anger), post holiday season and into the new year - that would not otherwise be able to afford to get help.

The American Psychological Association did a survey which revealed that 80 per cent of people have high anxiety (Nov 16, 2008) about their personal finances and the economy and it’s affecting emotional and physical health.

The Boston Globe reports that addiction specialists warn that stress from the economic slump and the holidays could lead to increased use of alcohol and other drugs because "when companies cut back, workers feel more pressured and their drinking or drug use increases… and the temptation to drink or use drugs is even greater during the holiday season because of stress." (Boston Globe 120802)

In November 2008 mental health professionals in some regions report a huge surge in the case of stress, addiction, depression and suicide linked to the worsening economy by as much as 30%. This increased demand for service is forcing more people to look for alternative support (Daily Herald, Nov. 20, 2008) as therapeutic demand is exceeding the supply. The Life Recovery Program is an alternative service available to immediately fill that need.

People are entering into the holiday season already burdened with tremendous debt which means higher financial stress, resulting in increased addiction and an increase in so called "therapeutic" spending. If ONE company can help reduce these numbers and provide value beyond recognition, (in terms of support and therapy) – then Paul Radkowski "believes that it should be his!"

Effective January 01, 2009 - January 31 (midnight PST), 2009 - anyone who visits  and chooses to take advantage of this offer will be able to pay any dividend of a ten dollar amount for access to three months of his online program, instead of the usual fee costing the client an investment of several hundred dollars.

When the question arose as to how The Life Recovery Program can "afford" to do this....Paul Radkowski's answer was simple: "How can we afford NOT to! The people we care about the most - are being hit the hardest with this downward spiral of the economy.

In Canada, the Economist reports that close to 70,000 jobs have been lost across the country within the last year (Oct 9, 2008). The U.S. Dept of labor reported that job losses in the last 3 months alone have totalled close to 700,000 (Nov 7, 2008). It is expected that these massive layoffs and downward economic trend will continue in the upcoming months and turbulent years to come. Even President-elect, Barack Obama says times are quite difficult for the average person and so those of us in positions of power "need to make sacrifices" and lead by example for those who are less fortunate." {source: 20/20 (Nov 27, 2008) with Barbara Walters}

Paul Radkowski says, "The Life Recovery Program is primarily delivered via the internet - which makes it easy for ANY ONE with their own computer and internet access to take advantage of - and it keeps overhead low for us. We can afford to take a minor hit during these times if it means that we can help others less fortunate than us."

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