Purpose of the program


What is LRP?

Using technological innovations, the LRP provides systemic, holistic support to those challenged by addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, and/or other impulse control behaviour. It includes supportive and informative downloads, e-mails, grounding techniques, ebooks and an interactive clinician-moderated peer-support forum.


Bridge the GAP

  • For some people group formats really work well and is a good fit, indeed accountability and group support is vital to one’s sobriety/recovery. Yet, for many others these groups are not such a good fit.
  • Some feel their groups or other programs are just not giving them the ongoing tools they require to address addictive patterns of behaviour once treatment has ended or while even still engaging in support or treatment.
  • This program is about sharing and providing folks with the best tools and information possible as well as equipping each participant with powerful grounding techniques and relaxation strategies that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at anytime without requiring any apparatus other than one’s own body/mind.
  • This program is a way to bridge the information and coping skills gap that is often not available with other treatment programs.
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Benefits of Membership:

The All Addiction Life Recovery Program

  1. Begin Your Recovery Immediately - No Waiting Lists
  2. Private-Confidential-Anonymous.
    Video/audio workshops can be viewed at the convenience and in total privacy of members home.
  3. Interactive Anonymous Peer Support Forum for both those struggling with addictions & for Loved Ones – for up to 1 full year - Find the support and accountability you need to maximize your success.
  4. Encompasses All Addictions…i.e. from substances e.g. cocaine, nicotine, alcohol etc., to process addictions i.e. anger, gambling, disordered eating, internet porn, toxic or co-dependent relationships, acting out behaviours (and/or anyone recovering from trauma, anxiety/depression etc).
  5. Bi-weekly psycho-educational video/audio workshops and practical tools for the addicted person or loved one (and/or person in recovery). There are downloadable homework suggestions and exercises to increase self-control and quality of life. Grounding techniques that will help reduce the stressors that lead to use and relapse are included throughout the program.
  6. Access to past training for ongoing review and help as you walk through your Life Recovery Program. Workshops can be viewed 24/7 and repeated until 6 months after program.
  7. Monthly supportive emails for up to 6 months after program completion (if enrolled in 6 month program, or 3 months if enrolled in 3 month option) to assist in the prevention of relapse into undesirable habits or behaviours.
  8. Weekly supportive emails while in program that will assist you to "stay with the program" and help you maintain the positive changes in your life. To encourage, motivate and remind you of the commitment you have made.
  9. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for first 45 days.